March 22, 2013

DIY Decorative Eggs ~ Guest Post by Chelsea's Mom

My (Chelsea's) mom is very creative and has come up with an inexpensive, unique Spring decoration that you and your girls can do together.  So if you're in the crafting mood, here's the how-to on making these decorative eggs!

~ Plastic Eggs  
We used all different sizes
~ Tacky Glue
~ Foam Brushes
~ Variety of Yarn
*Not Pictured: A container to put glue in 
All Materials can be found at Hobby Lobby
We support Hobby Lobby and recommend going there for all your crafting needs! :)

 Put glue into a container and paint a generous amount onto the egg covering about 1/3 of the surface.

 Press yarn at the top (make sure it is in the center) and continue to spiral down the egg.

 Add more glue and continue spiraling the yarn down the egg, make sure to check back and see if there are any gaps between layers.

 Rotate the egg, add more glue and finish off the rest checking for gaps as you go.  
Cut the yarn off so it nestles nicely in place at the end.

Easy, right???

 TAKE YOUR TIME and be ready to get glue on your hands! :)  
When you're finished with the amount of eggs you'd like, find a cute basket/plate to put them on and enjoy!

Thanks for sharing with us today, mom.  I love you!

Join us Monday for another Natural Living topic! :)  And join us for more DIY Project ideas on Pinterest.

Blessings from us,
~ Chelsea & Kim (my mom)

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  1. So beautiful ladies! I have some eggs leftover from another craft and I think I may just have to make a few! :D Thank you for sharing your tutorial! :)



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