April 3, 2013

Have you had a Kitchen Scavenger Hunt? - April Overview

Has this happened in your house? 

6:45 pm.  Eating dinner with my brother.  He nonchalantly says, 
"So...I have a potluck lunch tomorrow  for work and  
I need to bring something."  

Wheels start turning...

"Well, do you need a main dish, an appetizer or a dessert?  How many people will be there?  What are others bringing?"

Little did he know the importance of these details.  But time was running thin and neither of us wanted to go out to the grocery store if we didn't have to.  We needed a plan.

"Let's do a kitchen scavenger hunt."  We both agreed, it was time to move to the center of where all the yummy goodness comes from...the kitchen.

At first glance in the refrigerator and the pantry, it seemed hopeless.  But the motivation to NOT go to the grocery store was so intense, we checked and double checked.  Finally the hunt led us to the perfect solution.

We were scarce on the exact amount of chocolate chips, but we had enough...we also had eggs, flour, sugar, baking soda, vanilla extract and salt.  These are staples that are used so often it's something we make sure to have readily available.

At the end of the hunt, we were quite pleased and the chocolate chip cookies we made allowed my brother to show his face without shame at the office potluck lunch.  Phew.  Disaster avoided.  :)

Because of situations like this one, let us present to you this month's topic...


More specifically, go-to recipes, staple items and conversion charts we can all use on a regular basis to help us on our "kitchen scavenger hunts"

Our hope is that cooking is not always as hectic in our homes.  Our time preparing meals and feeding our families is time to honor the Lord and give thanks to Him for all He has provided for us.  It's a time to enjoy creating and using our hands to serve those in our family and any guests that may stop by.

In modern day homes the beautiful art and joy of cooking has been lost or replaced with "eating out".  We are too busy with other things that when it comes to preparing a meal, we are lost.  We don't know how to do it and end up spending a lot of money at a restaurant or buying precooked meals that (once in a while are okay), but lack certain nutrients and LOVE that cooking from scratch in our kitchen does.

In Proverbs 31, we find a beautiful description of a virtuous woman.  Please take time to read the whole passage.  In regard to food and not being idle in our homes, in verse 15 & 27 it says:

"She rises also while it is still night
And gives food to her household
And portions to her maidens...
She looks well to the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness."

It takes time to prepare and cook meals, it's hard work. But it's work that is pleasing to the Lord and our hope is this month's topic will be an encouragement for you and give all of us the tools we need to help in organizing recipes and planning meals so we can have hearts for cooking in our homes.

Would you like to help encourage other women to have hearts for cooking?  There is a tab marked Recipe Swap at the top of the blog. Click here to view the Recipe Swap page.  As you come across recipes you enjoy or if you are a blogger and have links to recipes you've blogged about, share them with us in the comments.  We will then add them to the page in the appropriate category.  We especially love to see recipes that are gluten-free, organic, raw or non-dairy!  

We are so excited you're here with us this month!!  Check out the recipes we've posted so far in the Recipe Swap and head over to Facebook and Pinterest for even more ideas!

Because He is Love,
~ Chelsea

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